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  • German Romanticism through NearPod

    Casa do Saber (“house of knowledge”) is an adult education center in São Paulo that gives clear and engaging classes on a variety of cultural topics. They offer courses, lectures and workshops in several areas of study including fine arts, social sciences, film, philosophy, history, music and psychology, bringing together renowned professors and lecturers from a wide variety of fields.   Helio Dias Ferreira, a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State (UNIRIO), gave a series of four lectures on German art history over the past month. However, his last class was a little different from the others. In his last lecture, each student was able to view the class content on iPads through the use our mobile platform, NearPod. A key feature that sets Nearpod apart from other presentation applications is that the teacher can set the pace by controlling the students’ iPads via a remote control.

    Each student was able to learn more about Romanticism in Germany and the Neuschwanstein castle by actually seeing the art work up close on their devices. With the iPad, they were able to see details they wouldn’t catch on the big screen. The picture quality was significantly higher on the iPads – something that is essential to observing and understanding the colors and technique used in each painting.

    Students were able to zoom in and see specific details and strokes on each of the paintings:

    After class, the students responded to a survey about the experience.   The average age of the students was 50 years old and all agreed that the tool was easy to use.   - 76% of students believed that the iPads made a big difference in the class;   -72% described using the iPads as good/excellent;   - 83% responded favorably to using iPads in the classroom in the future.   This project with Casa do Saber is part of a pilot project we have been running here at Panarea Digital. Universities as well as primary and secondary schools throughout the US are already using NearPod technology. The Brazil team, along with the rest of Panarea Digital, is very excited about the pilot results and projects to come.




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