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News about mobile education, digital publishing, interactive apps, and other Nearpod trends.

  • Innovative Educators Share Their Views on EdTech and Nearpod

    Some awesome educators, who have been making us part of their learning experiences and helping to spread the “Nearpod love,” sent us short videos in which they share their thoughts on the actual state of educational technology. They also share their experiences with Nearpod as a learning tool that they have successfully adopted.

    “I see tech playing a huge role in education . . . our students are so connected these days!”
    – Amy Hall, @nrseduc8or, professor at the University of Evansville, Indiana.

    Amy Hall, who is Professor at the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Evansville, Indiana, shared some of her “secrets” with us:

    TIP → “Keep students engaged!”

    HOW → “Use active learning skills and principles that keep them going.”

    ADVICE → “When our students get out into the real world, they end up using technology and having to interact with tech wherever they go. They have a really hard time if they don’t learn those skills in school.”

    Amy started using Nearpod for her nursing classes, and she says that her students found it really useful and interactive. The interesting thing about Amy’s experience is that she made use of Nearpod for distance learning. Half of her students were in her classroom in Evansville, Indiana, while the other half were in England participating in the same Nearpod session! The experience, she says, was really enriching for her students.

    “New possibilities are opening up every single day, and we should embrace that and make sure that it’s done in a proper way.”
    – Cell Dilon, teacher at Yamsa Ard School, Hua Hin, Thailand.

    Cell Dilon has been a teacher in countries all around the world, from South America to Europe and Africa. He is currently in Thailand, and he remembers the days when he went to school without all the possibilities that students have today. That’s why he loves the idea of being part of the future and giving his students opportunities he couldn’t even dream about. Cell also shared his tips and advice:

    TIP → “As educators we need to evolve, we need to meet our students where they are comfortable and where their interests are.”

    HOW → “Don’t ignore what is going on in our world and the development in our technologies. Don’t deny what is making it possible for us to engage our students.”

    ADVICE → “You can’t just use one model, one methodology to teach. The perfect education is the blend between ways of teaching.”

    He started using Nearpod with his Thai students this year and says that “this app engages his students like never before.”



    “My class is gaining twenty-first-century skills on a daily basis!”
    – Angie Sigmon, @SigmonAngie, math teacher at Shuford Elementary, Conover, North Carolina.

    Angie Sigmon, a math teacher and 1-to-1 iPad instructor in North Carolina, has implemented Nearpod to run a version of a flipped classroom. As a dedicated educator, she knows that students sometimes need to be divided in groups to allow struggling kids to catch up with the rest. While those kids practice, the rest of the class works on Nearpod presentations created for each topic of the day.

    Angie thinks that “through the use of technology, kids are learning how to independently work out problems,” and Nearpod seems to have helped her class a lot. “The kids love it! They’ve taken off with it more than I ever expected.”

    “I like that you can use Nearpod for students who are easily distracted.”
    – Desiree Teahon, @dteahon, special education teacher at Aurora Middle School, Aurora, Nebraska.

    Desiree Teahon has been teaching special education for five years and says that her daily goal is “to make learning easier for students who struggle to learn.”

    That’s why she has found in Nearpod a strong ally to reach the goal of helping all students succeed in their daily performance. Students had shown her that what mostly attracts them is the interactivity that enables them to focus and enjoy the lessons.

    Desiree believes that “it is a great joy to watch a student grow, learn, and succeed.”



    And that’s what Nearpod seeks for, too. To be the platform that helps teachers make their learning experiences more engaging, fun and rich, not only for them, but for their students also! Check out How The Nearpod iPad App Changed An Entire School… this is what teachers are saying about Nearpod!



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