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News about mobile education, digital publishing, interactive apps, and other Nearpod trends.

  • A New Version of Nearpod is Here!

    After much anticipation, the new, more powerful version of Nearpod has been released! Enjoy a cleaner design, new and improved features, as well as a friendlier Nearpod experience!  


    This new version of Nearpod is fully IOS6 compatible and unifies the Teacher and Student apps into one, simplifying the experience for all. Once the new version is downloaded, it will automatically replace the teacher app on your device. Please delete the old Nearpod Student app and download the new Nearpod app to your student devices.


    Share websites with your students! With the Web Share feature, you can add a URL to your presentation from the Content Tool, or share a website on the fly. Learn more here.


    Add a SlideShow to your presentation and allow for student paced learning! With the SlideShow feature, students can navigate through your slides at their own pace without the need to advance them from the teacher’s iPad. Learn more here.  


    Save time with the ability to share your presentation PIN in advance, with the tap of a finger. Your students will receive the PIN by email and have the presentation downloaded and ready to launch in class. Share Nearpod Presentations with other users and spread the voice about your Nearpod experience via Twitter and email. Update your Nearpod app today by visiting the App Store and downloading the new Nearpod app.  


    If you haven’t already done so, please ask your students to delete the old Nearpod Student app and download the new Nearpod app from the App Store. The new Nearpod app includes both Teacher and Student access to Nearpod.  


    You’re invited to a conversation with Nearpod’s co-founders! You’ll be able to interact with the creators of Nearpod, ask them questions and give them feedback, as they explain everything you need to know about Nearpod’s new version : ) and our ambitious plans going forward.  


    Want to learn the basics of using Nearpod? Join us for a WebiNear!



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