Meet the School Edition

Specially Designed for Educational Institutions

School Edition

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Your school will enjoy the full Nearpod experience
with enhanced benefits and new features

Exclusive Features

A designated "School Admin" (one or more) will manage the school's licenses and
they will be able to:

  • Manage

    and easily add, edit or remove your school licences.

  • Private Library

    for your school where teachers can access exclusive content.

  • More Storage

    and presentation size to extend the Nearpod experience.

  • Enhanced Reporting

    Access detailed reports and usage stats by class, teacher, and student.

  • Enhanced Creation tools

    with exclusive interactive features to make your presentations even more engaging.

  • Share

    presentations among teachers.

An all-in-one solution for the synchronized use of mobile devices in the classroom.

For classrooms with access to mobile devices, PC's, Chromebooks or Macs, Nearpod is a complete solution to manage what everyone sees on their screens.
With Nearpod, teachers can create and download interactive multimedia presentations, share content and assessments in real time, monitor classroom activity, and easily control students' devices.

The School Edition provides extended features and exclusive administrative tools to manage your Institution licenses.
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Nearpod has 5 free tools to easily create, engage, assess, and download:

All the power of Nearpod

Enjoy enhanced benefits designed to satisfy teachers' needs in
an educational environment. Your school's educators will have:

  • Content Tool and Reporting Tool advanced features
  • Multi-platform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • 100 students per session
  • 10GB storage space per teacher
  • NPP size up to 60MB
  • Premium training and support
  • Access to the Content Store

Multiplatform :)

BYOD, 1:1 or Carts? No worries!

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